August Update 2019

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August Update 2019

Post by Dragon » Fri Aug 23, 2019 10:41 pm

Hey Guys!

Welcome to our August Update. This update is just a small one in comparison of things to come. Its been a while, we know. Today we will mostly just be refreshing the event and implementing some changes requested on our discord.

New Content:
  • Summer Event has begun! - Its late but the sun is still shining! - Expect small additions to this event within the next week. Read: Click
  • Summer Screenshot Event has started! Submit to our discord to enter! Read: Click
  • Passion of Iris has been added to the Cash Shop - This item combines with all items and boosters and lets you get an additional 30% EXP.
  • Master Stones +19 and +20 have been added as a small drop chance from the Mysterious Kailux and Dilamun Generals around the maps. The Generals have had slight health increases to compensate for this.
  • Castle Owners can now finally collect their costumes in Juno from the Siege Management Soldier instead of being required to run back to Merac or Dratan.
  • Bags of Scrap have had the amount of Silver Scraps available doubled.
  • Giant Mole Boss in Arcadia should now be level 250 to allow for drop farming.

    Want to keep up to date and talk directly to staff? Join our discord:

    That's about it for now! Expect more news soon!

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