New GameSages!

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New GameSages!

Post by Dragon » Tue Nov 27, 2018 10:43 pm

Hey Guys!

After lots of deliberation and checking and other fun stuff, I am ready to announce our new GS. As usual, if you were not chosen, please do not be too concerned, we had lots of good options this time. You may also be called on if one of our choices does not work out, so keep a positive attitude and wait and see.

Our new GameSages are the following players:
Shoona - English/French - @Shoona Lou <3#6347
Sav3gion - English/Spanish/German - @Borjavu#6209
EvilMage - English/Romanian - @EvilMage#3194
Elayne - English/German/French - @Elayne#8201

If you were selected, congratulations! You should now have access to the staff parts of our discord, further instructions will be there.

Thank you to all that applied!

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