December Update 2018

Official News and Updates for Ethernal Last Chaos.
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December Update 2018

Post by Dragon » Thu Dec 06, 2018 6:48 pm

Hey Ethernals!

Today we bring you an update with quite a few fixes/changes. Most of this is bug fixes/suggestions from our players on discord. Also our Christmas Event begins

New Content:
  • Christmas Event has begun! Head around Juno and collect tokens to redeem for prizes. Read More: Here
  • New P2 Pet - Snow Leopard - Earn the Snow Leopard exclusively through the Christmas event. The snow leopard is a new EXP pet
  • New Giant boxes for Holy Order and Unholy Order affinities in their shops
  • New NPCs in Arcadia - 250 Set Recyclers - Turn in your unwanted pieces for Arcadia Crafting Boxes
  • New System - Online Time! Earn tokens for every hour you are online, up to 6 hours per day. Read More: Here
  • Alber Monsters have had their levels increased to 250 to allow farming of faction
  • Dungeon Teleporter in Juno has had Temple of Forgetfullness added to its options
  • Rare Arcadia Coins can now be converted to 400 points at the Arcadia Affinities
  • Guild Skill: Guild Honor Light can now be used by all members of the guild
  • Added the following items to Alliance [Drop Tokens] trader: Platinum Shield, Platinum Magic Shield, Platinum Crit Potion, Platinum Scroll of Magic Attack, [Event]Medium Medicine x50
  • Added the following items to Alliance [Daily Tokens] trader: Strong Medicine x50
  • Added new flags to Juno to celebrate our server
  • GS Prize boxes have had their contents updated! Read: Here
Class Balance:
  • Royal Knight has been given passive Magic Resist - He should now take reduced magic damage from all sources
  • Archer Skill - Deadline damage has been increased to be comparable to other classes
  • Archer Skill - Paralyzing Arrows has had its reuse timer reduced. You should be able to spam the skill without "This skill is already is in use". Damage has also been increased on this skill
  • Witch Skill - Soul of Witch has had its cast speed reduced from 15% to 8%. This will be monitored, as more nerfs may come, as Witch's Soul causes us lots of balance issues
  • Specialist Skill - Wind Elemental's Blessing has had cast speed added back in exchange for the physical evasion
  • NightShadow Skill - Aura of Illusion has been reworked to give magical hit rate and skill speed
  • [December 7th Change] Specialist Skill - Meteo has had its damaged decreased
  • [December 7th Change] Wizard/ArchWizard Skill - Ice Ball has had its damaged increased
Bug Fixes:
  • Players should no longer be disconnected while trying to sell items in amounts over 32.000
  • Knight Xmas Shield is no longer socket-able and works properly
  • 215 Alliance Supplies boxes now have the correct descriptions
  • When attempting to teleport to a dungeon with Artifact players will now get the correct error message and not be glitched
  • Siege Stamina potions can now be used above lvl 230
  • Set Effects of the 250 Arcadia sets should now be applying correctly
  • Social Skills should no longer error report you in certain circumstances
  • In-game help browser now correctly links to our forums/website
  • In-game "Recharge Cash" button in cash shop now correctly links to our website

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