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Christmas Update!

Post by Dragon » Thu Dec 20, 2018 8:39 pm

Hey Guys!

Today I'm happy to bring you guys some fun changes. These are all free additions to the game, consider it a Christmas present from Ethernal Chaos to you guys, our loyal players! Inside of this update is a couple balance changes, but otherwise the focus is on the free stuff.

New Content:
  • New System - Auto Pickup and Auto Ignition System - You can find this new button above your radar
  • New System - Quick Skills Panel - You can turn this on/off in your Display Options. Note: Currently you will have to reapply skills and the Quick Panel on each login.
  • New Feature - Show FPS - You can turn this on/off in your Display Options. Experience how badly LC performs :)
  • New Space - Added an Inventory Bag 5 - Free 25 extra item slots!
  • New Interfaces - Added new stats to your character info to track more information
  • New Interfaces - Added part of new system to track your PVP kills and rank you on the server. Press 'N' to bring up the ranking, it will be functional later on.
  • New Guild Emblems - We've added quite a few new guild emblems to choose from, make your guild stand out!
  • More Space - You can now sell/buy up to 20 items from Personal Shops

Bug Fixes:
  • Telerium normal monsters have had their attack reduced slightly
  • Telerium normal monsters now have a small chance to drop lvl 9 jewel pockets
  • Golden Skill Book Boxes added to the drop tables of Misty Canyon and Ebony Mine
Bug Fixes:
  • Arcadia Coins are fixed, you can now donate them - Note: Value has been decreased to 250 due to the incoming AutoPickup system
  • Advanced Gold and Gold Weapon seals have been adjusted to correctly reflect their rarity
  • Snowman Boss 5 should now be spawning correctly in his spot
  • Ex-Rogues should now be correctly casting invisibility
  • Fixed token cost on Online Time NPC for the mounts
  • Holiday Lights is now available to be dropped
Class Balance:
  • NightShadow Skill - Deadly light has had its base damaged increased and the chance of double damage removed
  • NightShadow Skill - Aura of Illusion has had its cast speed increased from 20% to 22%
  • Mage/Ex-Mage classes have received a passive movement speed buff
  • Witch Skill - Sleep Fog has had its AoE range reduced from 8m to 5m
  • ArchWitch/Witch Skill - Dark Smog has had most of its damaged buffed closer to original values
  • ArchWitch Skill - Storm Cloud has had its cast range reduced from 10m to 7m
  • ArchWitch Skill - Drain Life has had its cast range reduced from 10m to 7m
  • Specialist Skill - Sonic Break has had its skill reuse timer reduced from 5.1 seconds to 2.5 seconds
  • Knight Skill - Shield Strike has had its accuracy increased from 80% to 95%
  • Archer Skill - Quick Fire has been revamped to give 20% attack speed and 5% cast speed

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