[Weekly Event] Escort the GM/GS

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[Weekly Event] Escort the GM/GS

Post by Dragon » Wed Nov 28, 2018 8:47 pm


Escort the GM/GS

Hello Ethernals!
We bring you again this event that the community has been missing!

Event Information
To participate on this event you must form a party of 2 people, find the GM or GS and escort it to town, while protecting it from other parties. The GM or GS hosting the event will choose a place in any random map, announce it and wait there until anyone finds it. When the first party finds it, the GM/GS will party them and start walking slowly to town. Make sure that you are registered on autogroup since you can't directly give party on PK Mode.

During your way to town, you must be alert while you escort the GM/GS, because other parties will try to find you and kill you, so they can escort the GM/GS to town themselves and win. The GM/GS won't attack or defend itself, it will just walk. When a fight is going on, the GM/GS will stop walking and wait until the fight is over and one team is clearly winner, and then party new people if necessary and keep walking. Players who are able to finish the walk and be on party with the GM/GS while entering town will be the winners. Remember that you can't PK members of your same guild, so if any of your guild members want to participate against you, ask your guild master or advisor to kick you for a while.

- Don't attack or kill the GM/GS. It's forbidden to attack the staff member, and this includes stoning, stunning, snaring, silencing, etc. The fight is only between the participants and everyone must protect the GM/GS.
- Only 2 players per party (without counting the GM/GS).
- You are not allowed to add buff chars to the party when you are with the GM/GS. If you want to get buffed then you can do it at town when you die or can go there to get buffed, but always in another different party. But remember that if both team members left the party or leave the GM/GS alone at the same time, it will be the same as you dying, and someone else will be able to party the Staff member.
- You are not allowed to help other parties. If you come to the event you are supposed to attack the party with the GS, not defending them and attacking other parties so they can win. If you do this then it's not 2vs2, it's 4vs2. This is not allowed and parties who try to do this will be disqualified.
- No Clerics allowed on this event.
- No Rage of Guild Master
- No Ignition of any level.
- No Pet buffs of any kind.
- No Server Buffs given by GMs.
- No Cop of Night.
- No Resurrection.
- No Invisibility.
- No Telekinesis.
- No Contract.
- No Recall/Teleporting/Summoning.

Each one of the members of the winner party will receive:
- [EG-Event] 1st Place Prize Box x3 + [Title] Escort Bodyguard.
Each one of the rest of participants will receive a consolation prize:
- [EG-Event] H&S Prize Box x1.

Double Escort
In some occasions two Staff members can team up and do a Double Escort. This means there will be TWO GMs or GSs hidden in the same map, each one on a different location. When this happens, both staff members will start walking slowly until a common destination they have agreed before the event starts. While getting there, the event will work the same as the normal version. You and your partner need to escort the GM/GS and avoid anyone killing you.

When reached the accorded destination, the two teams that are currently escorting the two staff members will pass to the final round. The final round consists in a fight between the two parties, when the staff members give the signal. The winners from this fight will be the absolute winners of the event.

Prizes for Double Escort
Each one of the members of the absolute winner party will receive:
- [EG-Event] 1st Place Prize Box x3 + [Title] Escort Bodyguard.
Each one of the members of the other finalist party, that escorted their staff member but lost the final battle:
- [EG-Event] 2nd Place Prize Box x3.
Each one of the rest of participants will receive a consolation prize:
- [EG-Event] H&S Prize Box x1.

- Participants that didn't win, must have been participating during most of the event, and be there when the event finishes to receive their consolation prize. People who comes in the last 5 minutes to just get a free box, won't get a consolation prize. People who participates on the first 5 minutes, and then dissapears and doesn't participate and stay until the end, won't get a consolation prize either, so please don't come asking later or the next day for a box.
- The seals of the title are: HP: 2000, Evasion: 200, Hit Rate: 200, Move Speed 40%, Silence Resistance: 20%.
- A new item has been added with the Update applied on 28.08.2015: GS Escort Protection. This is an item we have created that will allow our GSs hosting this event to avoid accidental deaths. This item is meant to be used ONLY during the Escort the GS Event by the GS hosting the Event, and only with the purpose of protecting itself against accidental deaths. GSs have completely forbidden to use this item in any other situation, of course it is forbidden to use it to kill monsters or other players, or just hang out on the arena, or to do any kind of action that is not Escort the GS Event with it. If the event ends and the GS still have some of the buff left, he/she will just wait on town until it's over and then they will keep playing normally. It is forbidden for them to use this item in any other Events, including other PvP Events. This new item makes them almost immortal, so abusing it for any kind of personal profit will be severely punished. If you see someone abusing this please report it to HGM or Admin. We hope this change fixes the issue with the GSs dying by aoes.
- Some people has been just disconnecting in the middle of the event or just when it ends, and then demanding consolation prizes to the GS/GM days later. This results on the staff member having to personally look for people and lose lots of time to be able to deliver the prizes, and sometimes this is extended through the whole week. For this reason, from now on Winners and Participants must stay until the end of the event to receive their prizes. If they just disconnect, ignoring when the GS/GM delivers prizes when the event ends, reject the prize, or simply disappear without communicating it to the staff member hosting the event, they will lose their right to receive a prize. The GS/GM won't go looking for people days later to deliver prizes, and won't save your prizes for you if you change your mind later. If you want to receive your prize, please make sure you stay until the end and follow the staff member indications, or you will lose the right to get a reward.

This event will be hosted weekly, most likely near weekends, by our GMs and GSs.
The GM or GS hosting the event will post here on this thread at least 30mins-1hour before the event starts, announcing the hour and the channel.
But map and place won't be announced until the moment the event starts, to avoid people trying to look for the staff member ahead of time.
When the event is over, names of the absolute winners getting the title will be posted here too.

We hope you like and enjoy this event! We know it's been a while since it's been done, and people always liked it, so we want to start doing it again.
We also increased the prizes hoping it will encourage more people to participate. If you have any questions or issues with this event please post it here or send us a PM ^^.

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