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Spawn Events

Post by Dragon » Wed Nov 28, 2018 9:19 pm


Spawn Event

Hello Ethernals!

I'm creating this thread to help a bit some people to understand what is a Spawn Event.

A Spawn Event is an event where a GM summons monsters, and players kill them. Usually are very interesting monsters like bosses and special bosses with valuable drops. During these Spawns, we usually summon bosses from Infested, Citadel, Telerium and Alber. We also spawn WorldBosses, the new Elemental Bosses, and Evil GMs. Sometimes we will also spawn some chests (not always), and at the end we will summon some hands too.

If you put some effort and join killing the bosses that we spawn, you will get their amazing drops! You will have lots of bosses to kill in the same spot during this time, without having to go find them or waiting for re-spawn times. It's also fun to kill bosses with everyone! We will also help you do this with some event buffs (if the lag doesn't kill us :P).

But sometimes, maybe you aren't very lucky, and can't catch many drops. That is why, at the end of the Spawns, some GMs will give some little extra gifts for the participants. They can be shirts, prize boxes, or whatever we have on our inventories on that moment :P When the event ends, we ask people to whisper us, and then give them these little gifts, we give them to everyone who asks, so anyone can get a little gift even if they didn't have luck with the spawn. Giving this gifts or not it's choice of the GM that does the spawn, some will give this extra gifts, some won't. But after seeing some reactions on the spawns I personally did this past week, I feel I need to add an extra note to this, since people is misunderstanding and sometimes acting very rude.
  • These shirts, boxes, or whatever we decide to give at the end of the event, are gifts. The reward from this Event are the drops from the bosses, these gifts are a little extra. I say this because of the several people who has been very rude asking for shirts when I'm not doing an event, or raged on me because I did an event when they weren't online and they "lost" a shirt. Shirts are not "yours", you didn't earn them on any way, they are a gift. You don't "lose" them because we did an event and you weren't here. If you don't come to the Event, you don't deserve a gift. Is that simple.
  • Please respect other players and your turn to get your gift. If we finished our event, and said we are giving gifts, and you want a gift, whisper the GM, and we will trade you. We say this every time. If you ignore this, if you don't whisper the GM, and just repeatedly spam the GM with trades, the only thing you are doing is not letting the rest of people get their shirts. You won't get any gift and if you ignore the GM warnings you will be kicked or sanctioned.
  • We give one gift per player. We don't give extra shirts for girlfriends/boyfriends/cousins/relatives/etc. If they want a shirt please tell them to come to the event, or you can give them yours. Please don't ask us for 5 shirts at once saying it's for your family, because we will obviously not give you this.
We hope this clears things up a bit, and we see less people being disrespectful over a shirt. Please appreciate that they are gifts and are free.
If this behavior continues for long after this we will just stop giving shirts : <

Remember also to follow our Game Rules. When participating on an Event, you must follow the orders of the GM. PK is not allowed on this Event when it's done outside the city. When it's done on arena, accidental deaths by aoes won't be penalized but if someone continuously kills others in purpose to ruin the Event, they will be sanctioned too. Please respect others.

Feel free to use this thread to comment on anything you need about this event, including suggestions for monsters we can spawn, for new monsters we can create, or even for drops! We will also announce here when we do a Spawn. We hope you enjoy this Event :)