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Online Time System

Post by Dragon » Thu Dec 06, 2018 6:47 pm


Hello Ethernals!

Today I am happy to introduce our Online Time System. The goal of this system is to reward activity and help players who do not donate to achieve success in our server. Our system will be done a bit differently than others, however. We will not be giving out cash, we will be giving out tokens, which can be redeemed via a NPC in Juno.
How does it work?
Every hour the server performs a check to see who is online. If you are online during this check, you should receive a token in your mysterious statue. You earn 1 token every hour, for a maximum of 5 hours per day. Once you have hit your limit of 5 tokens, you must wait until 00:00 server time to receive the next days tokens.

What can I get with my tokens?
We have prepared a special list of items for this system, including the elusive unicorns! Keep in mind, this prize list can be updated at any time.

Below is a screenshot of the prizes:

Important Information:
  • All rewards besides pets are untradable
  • Online Time Tokens are untradable, yet they can be placed in the storekeeper
  • If you change characters during the online check it may be delivered to your last logged character on the account.
  • Unclaimed Tokens in your mysterious statue will disappear a month after being delivered - collect them immediately!
  • Q - Why isn't item x, y, or z in the reward shop?
    A - The answer is complicated. It can be simply it wasn't thought of, it is available elsewhere enough, we don't want to give it out, etc. If you find something you feel would be a fair addition, feel free to suggest it.
  • Q - Why only 5 tokens a day?
    A - Balance. When deciding prizes, careful balance needs to be applied to deciding what we are giving out and in what quantities. Also, we would like to keep an equal balance between players. A person who leaves his PC on for 24 hours shouldn't be rewarded more than a player who is unable to yet still plays 5 hours a day. We want all players to benefit from this system, without needing to AFK for 24 hours.
  • Q - Whats up with the Unicorns?
    A - We haven't had them in an event in nearly a year now. Players who have received them previously will find their value won't be affected by this very much. To put in perspective, to get a unicorn from this system, you will have to login 5 hours a day for 90 days straight. That is 450 Hours of online time!