Christmas Wishes

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Christmas Wishes

Post by Dragon » Wed Dec 19, 2018 1:23 am


Hello Ethernals!
We bring you today a special and exclusive event: Christmas Wishes!

Event Info

Event starts on 19.12 and will end on 31.12. On that day, the event will be closed and then we will choose the winners.
On this event, you will have the chance to make a Christmas Wish, and ask for something special you want to receive this Christmas! If you are lucky, and your wish is accepted, Santa will deliver it to you! <3
To participate on this Event, you need to write 3 things:

IGN: Name of your character in game.
Wish: The gift you want to receive.
Reason: Why do you think you deserve this gift, and why do you want it.

To choose winners, we will take into account the gift you have chosen, and the originality of the reason.
But be careful, because if you choose a very exaggerated wish, Santa will think you are greedy and you won't receive anything! Ask with common sense!

Example of valid entry:

IGN: NoobSlayer123
Wish: I want a Dusk Dragon.
Reason: I worked really hard this year so I wish to have this beautiful mount, that way I can fly to the moon and take a vacation in there.

Event Rules

  • To participate you must post in our #christmas-wishes channel on DISCORD. Join our server today: Join Now!

  • Entries need to have the 3 parts to be valid: IGN, Wish, and Reason.

  • You can only ask for items obtainable in game at the moment. This means you can't ask for custom items, special promotion items, or old items not available in game now. Exception: We will allow you to ask for an Unicorn even if it's a promotion item, just for this event ^^.

  • Only one participation per person, we will check IPs. Trying to cheat will automatically disqualify you and you could get infracted.

  • Posts can't be edited, if an entry shows as edited it will be invalid. Since you can only submit one entry, think well what do you want to ask before posting!.

  • Entries need to follow all our discord and game rules.

Event Prizes

Selected winners will receive the Wish they asked for. The amount of winners will depend on the number of valid entries we receive.


You're responsible for the gift you ask, and you are the one choosing it. If you want an accessory, don't ask for a pet to look humble, and later complain or insult staff because your friend got the accessory and you only got a pet. It is not unfair, YOU were the one who chose it!
Anyone disrespecting or insulting Staff, the Server, or this Event during the duration of it will be automatically disqualified. If they have been chosen as winners, and they disrespect us before we had the chance to deliver the prizes, their prize will be cancelled.
The gifts are for winners of this event only, for people who will participate on the event and show some effort. If you don't participate, you don't have any right to a gift at all!

I hope with this, everything is clear and everyone will be respectful :).

Make your wishes, and good luck!

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