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Alber Guide

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Alber Guide

Basic Information
- Alber is a RvR (Realm versus Realm) map. This map is in constant PvP battle.
- You can only access Alber from Channel 1, which is the designed RvR Channel.
- You need to be level 215 to access this map and start the quests.
- 3 Factions exist on this map: Kailux, Dilamun, and Fiore. You can choose to join Kailux or Dilamun, and Fiore is neutral.
- You can fight players and monsters from the other factions, but not from your faction.
- You can only use the NPCs that belong to your faction.
- If you have not chosen a faction yet, you won't be able to use Alber NPCs.
- Fighting other factions gives you contribution points that allow you to increase your position/rank in your faction and earn benefits.
- You can only have a party/fellowship inside Alber with members of your same faction.
- Members of the same guild can fight eachother if they belong to different factions.
- Ignition is disabled in Alber.

Choosing a Faction
To access Alber, your first step will be talking to Alber Recruiter Anna, located in Juno. She will offer you the quest Move to Alber, wich will require you to travel through Alber Teleporter Ann. This teleporter will take you to the Flore Camp. This area is a closed area, which means you need to finish the first quests and choose a faction before you travel to the rest of the map.

Continue by talking to Faction Qualification Examiner and complete the Move to Alber Quest. After this, you will see that this NPC offers you 2 different quests: Kailux Empire Qualification Quest and Dilamun Order Qualification Quest. This choice will determine which faction will you join, so be careful picking quest!


Complete the one you chose and you will get Application for Kailux Empire or Application for Dilamun Order. These are quest scrolls that will appear on your inventory. Click the one you got, and you will get another quest. After completing it, you need to talk with Head of Kailux Empire Office, or Head of Dilamun Empire Office, depending on the faction you chose. This will finally make you a full member of the faction! A flag will appear besides your name, and now you can use the NPCs, like Merchants and Teleporters. Now you can travel through them to your faction's base and do the rest of the quests!

Faction Flags

These flags that appear besides your name show which faction you belong to and will change color when you improve your Rank.


Faction Merchants

They are Kailux Empire Supply Merchant and Dilamun Order Supply Merchant! Inside you can find nice items:

Image Image

Faction Boxes

Kailux First-Aid Kit and Dilamun First-Aid Kit
You need 1 Medal of the Mercenary to open this.


Kailux Munition Box & Dilamun Munition Box
You need 3 Medals of the Mercenary to open this.

Image Image

[NEW!] Faction Capes

You can find these inside boxes on the Faction Merchant. However, you need to be at least rank Duka or Magus to be able to open the box and to use the cape.

Contributing to a Faction and earning Faction Points

You can contribute to your faction with your activities in Alber. You can get points by:

- Killing monsters from an enemy faction.
- Killing players from an enemy faction.
- Doing quests that give faction points as a reward. Repeteable quests are a good way to farm points.
- Buying the item Eternia Faction Point Quest Scroll in Cash Shop, and delivering the quest on the Exclusive Quests NPC in Juno.
- Offering Creationary Jewels to the NPC on your faction's base.

If the members of your faction offer at least 100 Creationary Jewels during 1 hour, all the members of the faction will receive a special buff called Power of Creation.
This buff lasts 30 minutes and will give you 5% Damage Reduction.


You can drop these on every monster in Alber, but the ones that give the most are specifically Shining Ore of Creation, Gloomy Magic Stone of Creation, and Flower of Life Creation. However, remember that Creationary Jewels expire in 30 minutes! So make sure you offer them fast before they dissapear!

The balance between the two factions is important, and the faction who has the highest % will have a special benefit. If your faction members contribute a lot and your faction is the one winning with a higher %, you will receive a bonus on x2 of the faction points you receive killing monsters or players. All members of the faction receive this bonus, and it will help your faction advance on the ranks faster.

Faction Ranks

When you increase your faction points, your Rank will also increase. The higher your Rank is, the better the benefits, like exclusive buffs.


Faction Buffs

These buffs appear once you reach a determined Rank and are permanent!

Image Image

Faction Menu

Pressing O you can access the Faction Menu:


On the left you can see the actual situation of the war between both factions. On the right side you will find your Faction Points and your Rank. There's also a History section that saves all your activity with your faction. If you press the "Ranks and Information" button, you will get another window:


On this one you can see all the Ranks available for your faction, your position and buff, and on the top left, the name of the Number 1 of the Faction will appear.

Abandoning a Faction

You can abandon your faction talking with the NPC Administrator of your faction. Select the option register for withdrawl.
Important: When you abandon a faction, you lose your Rank and faction points accumulated. If you want to keep them, you need to use the item Resignation Ticket!
Your points won't be moved to the new faction, they will just stay there in case you want to come back sometime later.
Example: You are Kailux, but want to change to Dilamun. You use Resignation Ticket, and your Rank on Kailux is saved. You go join Dilamun then.
You will need to start Dilamun from 0, but your Kailux Rank/Points will be saved, so if in the future you want to come back to Kailux, you will get your Rank back.

Image Image

Once you have abandoned your faction, you can visit Faction Qualification Examiner to start over again and choose the faction you want.

Monsters Guide

1 - 225 [Flore] Wounded Giant Larva - Water Attack 2 - Water Defense 2.
2 - 225 [Flore] Brainwashed Giant Larva - Earth Attack 1 - Earth Defense 1.
3 - 225 [Flore] Wounded Scorpion - Fire Attack 2 - Fire Defense 2.
4 - 225 [Flore] Brainwashed Scorpion - Light Attack 1 - Light Defense 1.
5 - 225 [Kailux] Kailux Swordsman - None - None.
6 - 225 [Dilamun] Dilamun Swordsman - None - None.
7 - 225 [Kailux] Kailux Swordsman Instructor - Light Attack 2 - Light Defense 2.
8 - 225 [Dilamun] Dilamun Swordsman Instructor - Light Attack 2 - Light Defense 2.
9 - 226 [Kailux] Kailux Arcane Swordsman - Light Attack 1 - Water Defense 1.
10 - 226 [Dilamun] Dilamun Technician - Wind Attack 1 - Light Defense 1.
11 - 226 [Kailux] Punisher of Kailux - Water Attack 1 - Fire Defense 1.
12 - 226 [Dilamun] Dilamun Guide - Dark Attack 1 - Dark Defense 1.
13 - 227 [Kailux] Kailux Guard - Earth Attack 2 - Light Defense 2.
14 - 227 [Dilamun] Dilamun Magician - Water Attack 2 - Wind Defense 2.
15 - 228 [Flore] Muzzy Magician - Water Attack 1 - Water Defense 1.
16 - 228 [Flore] Muzzy Pastor - Light Attack 1 - Light Defense 1.
17 - 228 [Flore] Muzzy Transporter - Water Attack 1 - Water Defense 1.
18 - 228 [Flore] Muzzy Summoner - Dark Attack 1 - Dark Defense 1.
19 - 228 [Kailux] Ferocious Scorpion - Fire Attack 2 - Dark Defense 2.
20 - 228 [Kailux] Withered Treant - Earth Attack 1 - Earth Defense 1.
21 - 228 [Kailux] Wandering Drake - Wind Attack 1 - Wind Defense 1.
22 - 228 [Dilamun] Spirit of Fire - Fire Attack 1 - Fire Defense 1.
23 - 228 [Dilamun] Mutated Flying Blood Leech - Wind Attack 2 - Wind Defense 2.
24 - 228 [Dilamun] Predator Maggot - Earth Attack 1 - Earth Defense 1.
25 - 229 [Flore] Corrupted Salamander - Dark Attack 1 - Dark Defense 1.
26 - 229 [Flore] Corrupted Spirit of Fire - Fire Attack 2 - Fire Defense 2.
27 - 229 [Flore] Controlled Spider - Wind Attack 1 - Wind Defense 1.
28 - 229 [Kailux] Wary Mimic - Dark Attack 1 - Earth Defense 1.
29 - 229 [Kailux] Ferocious Karabakh - Wind Attack 2 - Wind Defense 2.
30 - 229 [Kailux] Ferocious Karunta - Light Attack 2 - Earth Defense 2.
31 - 229 [Dilamun] Unstable Mystic - Earth Attack 1 - Water Defense 2.
32 - 229 [Dilamun] Fire Golem - Fire Attack 1 - Dark Defense 1.
33 - 229 [Dilamun] Ferocious Deer - Water Attack 2 - Dark Defense 2.
34 - 230 [Kailux] Shining Ore of Creation - None - None.
35 - 230 [Dilamun] Gloomy Magic Stone of Creation - None - None.
36 - 230 [Flore] Flower of Life Creation - None - None.
37 - 230 [Flore] Ancient Wraith - Dark Attack 1 - Dark Defense 1.
38 - 230 [Kailux] Kailux Watchtower 1 - None - Light Defense 1.
39 - 230 [Kailux] Kailux Watchtower 2 - None - Light Defense 1.
40 - 230 [Kailux] Kailux Watchtower 3 - Wind Attack 1 - Dark Defense 1.
41 - 230 [Dilamun] Dilamun Watchtower 1 - None - Dark Defense 1.
42 - 230 [Dilamun] Dilamun Watchtower 2 - None - Dark Defense 1.
43 - 230 [Dilamun] Dilamun Watchtower 3 - Earth Attack 1 - Light Defense 1.
44 - 230 [Kailux] Imperial Guard Even Wayne - Light Attack 3 - Water Defense 3.
45 - 230 [Dilamun] Magusa Senator Jewith - Dark Attack 3 - Fire Defense 3.
46 - 250 [Flore] Brainwashed Balrog - Fire Attack 3 - Light Defense 3.

Monsters Location

On this map you will find the numbers of each monster, corresponding with the list above. (Note: Number 37 Ancient Wraith can only be found by spawning it using a quest item, so it’s not on the map.)



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