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Castle Siege Rules

Post by Dragon » Thu Oct 25, 2018 5:21 am

Castle Siege Rules

These rules are a guide of conduct every player of Ethernal Last Chaos must respect and follow.

Users that break any of these rules will have different consequences regarding the severity of the fault, from warnings, kick or silence, to temporary or even permanent bans on their accounts. Not knowing the rules isn't an excuse to break them; all our users must be aware of these rules and consider themselves warned from the moment this announcement is made.

These rules apply to both Merac Castle Siege (MCS) and Dratan Castle Siege (DCS).

1. PK Mode is not allowed.
You can't use PK mode inside the Siege Areas and designated non PK areas under any circumstance. Just activating PK mode is enough to get you sanctioned even if you don't kill anyone.
1.1. Merac Castle Siege: The siege area starts on the two paths leading to the first respawns. You can see the full siege area where PK is not allowed marked here on yellow: MCS Map.
1.2. Dratan Castle Siege: It's not allowed to use PK inside the siege area or on the attackers respawn point located at the north of the green area. The siege area starts on the two paths with Anubis statues. You can PK in front of the statues if you wish to do so, but you cannot go past the statues with PK on. That re-spawn located a bit more north counts as part of the siege area, is the place where attackers that haven't bought a re-spawn point appear after they die. Killing someone in there would break rules 1 and 10.
Here you can see both no PK zones marked in yellow: DCS Map. And here a picture of the attackers re-spawn so there's no confusions: Respawn.

2. Recall, teleporting or summoning is not allowed inside the Castle Siege areas.
To know the exact areas that are counted as siege please see the maps above. Teleporting and recall are disabled on siege areas, but glitches can occur. You can't use recall inside the siege areas, this includes trying to recall someone inside siege area, and accepting recall to go outside siege area. You can't summon or teleport to a player using books, or teleport with scrolls. All of this is forbidden.

3. Resurrection scrolls or any resurrection items or skills are not allowed inside the Castle Siege areas.
If you die during siege, no matter if you are attacker or defender, you must wait the required time and re-spawn on the assigned re-spawn points or areas. Usually resurrection items or skills won't work, but if by any glitch you find yourself able to use them, you must not do so. If you are found using resurrection items, you will be sanctioned. Using the skill resurrection from healers will get both the one using the skill and the one resurrected sanctioned.

4. Skills not allowed on Castle Sieges.
- Rage of Guild Master.
- Ignition of any level.
- Any kind of pet buffs.
- Server Buffs given by GMs.
- Cop of Night.
- Resurrection.

5. Items not allowed on Castle Sieges.
- Resurrection Scroll/Experience Restoration Scroll/Skill Point Restoration Scroll (having them on the buff bar is ok, what is not allowed is using them accepting the scroll once you die).
- Phoenix Rebirth.
- Party Recall (any duration).
- Teleporting Books/Summon Books.
- Monster Summoning Books (special siege summoning books that spawn guardians are allowed).

6. You can't participate on a siege while owning the other.
6.1. Owners can't participate on the siege of the other castle. If a guild owns a castle, all the characters inside the guild, and characters who participated on the last siege (even if they abandon guild just after), are considered owners of the siege. So when we talk about "owners", we refer to the whole guild, not just the guild leader. Owners of one castle can't participate on the siege of the other castle, defending or attacking.
6.2. Members of an owner guild can't leave and join the other owner guild. Owners of one castle can't change guilds and enter the guild owner of the other castle either, even if they don't assist to the siege, just jumping from one owner guild to another is enough to get sanctioned.
6.3. Legal ways to participate in both sieges. If you want to participate in both sieges, but your guild owns a castle already, you have three choices.
- You can use another character to go to the second siege. The rule is for characters, so you can do what you want with your alts.
- You can abandon your guild and wait without defending your castle on the next siege. After that you are free to participate on the second siege with another guild, or join the other owner guild.
- You can wait until your guild loses the castle. Then all members of the guild and the guild itself can participate on the second siege, or you can join the other owner guild.
If you don't own any castle, you are free to attend both sieges if you want, attacking or defending.

7. Attackers and Defenders can't be in party with each other. Registered players can't be in party with not registered players.
7.1. Attackers and defenders. If you are defending a siege, the members of your party must be only defenders. If you are attacking a siege, the members of your party must be only attackers. It is not allowed for defenders and attackers to party together. On specific cases like DCS, if the members of the owner guild are in a party with another defender guild, and the siege changes hands, owners will become attackers. This would mean they now are attackers partying with defenders. When this happens, they must break party immediately. If people are found on a party with both attackers and defenders, the whole party is breaking the rules so everyone on the party will get sanctioned.
7.2. Registered and not registered. Same reasoning goes to players that are registered for the siege, partying with players that are not registered for it. All your party members must be siege participants properly registered. If people are found on a party with both registered and not registered players, the whole party is breaking the rules so everyone on the party will get sanctioned.

8. Assisting a siege while not being registered for it.
You can go to any Siege without being registered, but only as an observer. You can go and watch, but you can't block, buff, or do anything that affects the siege. If you are attacked, you can't hit back. You cannot be in party with people who is registered and participating on siege either. When you go to observe, please make sure you position yourself on a side where you do not disturb the people participating on the siege.

9. Exploiting spawn timers is forbidden.
When you die on a siege, you must wait for the time to pass until you re-spawn. You are not allowed to log out the game and log back in to avoid this waiting time. Anyone who is found re-logging just to avoid re-spawn timers will be sanctioned.

10. Killing on re-spawns is not allowed.
10.1. Killing people inside a re-spawn. You cannot attack someone who is inside a re-spawn. You must wait for them to go outside.
10.2. Killing people when you are inside your re-spawn. If you are the owner of the re-spawn, you can't attack from inside the re-spawn either. You must move outside and then attack. If you are the owner of the re-spawn you cannot go outside, attack someone, and go back to hide on the re-spawn. This is also forbidden.
10.3. Additional re-spawn rules. On DCS the defenders re-spawn is considered the whole room under the pyramid. If you are an attacker, you cannot enter this room or try to attack someone inside this room. Defenders can't go outside and attack and then go back and hide on the room. Defenders can kill the attacker's re-spawn points, but they can't kill the people who re-spawns on them until they move outside them.
10.4. Re-spawn Reports. From now on, only reports with video or a HGM or Admin being witness of the re-spawn offense will be needed to sanction this. Reports about re-spawn killing must have a clear video showing the actions from both sides. A simple screenshot won't be proof enough since we can't see what happened clearly.

11. Abusing any kind of glitch will be sanctioned.
11.1. Attackers hitting the throne or absorbing the crystal while the defenses are up is forbidden. Defenders attacking from behind the barriers when they are still up is forbidden.
If you are an attacker and you find yourself (by a glitch, or through any other ways, on purpose or not) inside the defenses while they are still up (gates on MCS, barriers on DCS) you are not allowed to hit the throne, or absorb the crystal. You are not allowed to hit any of the inner defenses either until the outer ones are down. You can't kill players inside an area still protected by defenses. Additionally, if it's proven that you got inside the protected zone by abusing a glitch in purpose, sanction may be increased. Defenders can't attack players from behind the barriers either, since attackers can't target them.
11.2. Hiding inside the crystal, throne, walls, etc. is not allowed. Wall-hugging is not allowed.
You can't hide yourself inside the crystal, (absorbing or not), the throne (hitting or not), walls, etc. to avoid people targeting you. You must stay on the regular areas where others can attack you, abusing any skill or glitch on the maps to hide yourself from others or with any other intentions is forbidden. Same goes for wall-hugging, clicking on the walls to avoid people being able to attack you is forbidden.
11.3. Glitching the Crystal, Throne, Towers, etc.
Glitching the Crystal, the Throne, or any Tower or defense on sieges is forbidden. This includes abusing glitches to be able to absorb or hit while no one else seeing you, while invisible, or any other kind of glitch that differs from the normal use of the siege systems.
11.4. Fellowship Glitch.
A glitch can sometimes occur while going to siege inside a fellowship. Sometimes others can't attack you while you are inside a fellowship. If this glitch occurs, you must abandon or break the fellowship immediately. This is considered glitch abusing and people who is found making use of it will be sanctioned. If this happens the whole fellowship is breaking the rules so everyone found on the fellowship will get sanctioned. As explained also on our General Rules, abusing any kind of glitch will be sanctioned.
11.5. Other glitches.
Abusing any other glitch or bug during a siege will be sanctioned even if its not specified here; these are a list of the most common/known glitches, but new ones can always appear. As our General Rules state, any kind of glitch or bug abuse is forbidden. If you find yourself experiencing a glitch, please report it to Staff and don't abuse it.

12. Staff Members assisting Sieges.
12.1. Attacking, blocking, disturbing or doing any kind of action that interrupts or makes Staff's work harder on a siege is forbidden. Sometimes Staff members will go to sieges and monitor them. If you see them, please don't disturb them and let them do their jobs. Don't spam them with random questions about other things, suggestions for pvp, or any other issue that is not relevant to the siege, because you will distract them from their monitoring and they won't be able to do it properly. If you need Staff assistance wait until the siege is over to ask for it.
12.2. GameSages. GameSages are normal players, so they have the right to play and participate in sieges too. If you see a Gamesage without their GameSage title on, it means they are participating, so you can kill them. If you see a GameSage on a siege using the GameSage title, it will mean that the GameSage is monitoring the siege, so you can't kill them. You can only kill them when siege is over and they have removed their title. When the siege ends, wait until the GameSage unequips the title to attack them. Going after them the same second the siege ends and PK them or harass them is not allowed. Just because the siege ended doesn't mean they are not still working. If you want to PK a GS, wait until they remove the title.
12.3. GameMasters, Head GameMasters, and Administrators. GameMasters, Head GameMasters, and Administrators are not normal characters, they are special characters that are used only to work for the server as Staff. So you are not allowed to kill them or try to attack them under any circumstance, even if they don't have a staff title or glow equipped. This concerns only characters with the tags [GM], [HGM] and [ADM]. For example, you can't kill a GM on their character with a [GM] tag, but you can kill their non Staff personal characters of course.

13. Castle Siege Server Announcements
The guild leader of the owner guild has the privilege of being able to send messages to the whole server. This announcement system cannot be abused for personal issues or profit. Guild leaders must use this announcements with common sense, this means they can't spam on it for no reason, use it to trading, offending any other guild or player, etc.

14. Castle Siege Times
14.1. Setting Siege Time. By being owners, guild leaders get many privileges but also responsibilities. Guild leaders must set the times of the sieges every week before Monday, making sure that both sieges won't be at the same time. If a guild fails to set siege time several times, Staff may take the siege away from them.
14.2. When sieges are at the same time. If for any reason you couldn't change the siege time during the 3 days allowed to do so, and sieges are set for the same day and hour, you need to communicate it to the Administrator so the siege time is changed. Any requests for a time change must be requested by forum PM to the Admin or HGM before Friday 12:00 GMT. The new time for the siege will be decision of Staff. Do not always rely on Staff changing the hour for you. Everyone can make a mistake once, but if a guild fails to set siege time several times, provoking that sieges will be at the same time, in purpose or not, Staff may take the siege away from them. If Friday comes, and none of the guild leaders of the owner guilds have contacted us, Staff will change the siege times to the time they want without warning.
14.3. When sieges are not at the same time. If sieges are set on different times, Staff has no reason to change the time. If you want your siege to be at a specific hour, you need to change it yourself on the time the game gives you to do so. Requesting favors and privileged treatment from Staff, to get your siege changed in the middle of the week just because you forgot, now you prefer other time, or you want to confuse the attackers it's not allowed and won't be tolerated.

15. General Game Rules also apply.
Of course all our General Game Rules also apply on sieges, so you are not allowed to hack, abuse bugs, abuse glitches, insult, disrespect, harass other players, etc. See Last Chaos Game Rules for a full list.

Punishments for breaking Castle Siege Rules.
First time or Offense Level 1 - 3 Days Ban.
Second time or Offense Level 2 - 7 Days Ban.
Third time or Offense Level 3 - 14 Days Ban.
Fourth time or Offense Level 4 - 30 Days Ban.
Fifth time or Offense Level 5 - Permanent Ban. Severe Bug or Glitch abuse, and Hacking are Permanent Ban on First time.

Staff can take the siege away from the owners at any time if it's considered that it has been taken or defended unfairly, by breaking the rules, or using any kind of illegal actions.
Staff can also take the siege when the owners don't take care of their responsibilities like changing siege time or when they abuse the castle owner announcements.
When Staff takes a castle, it will stay on a Staff Guild until next siege. Staff won't give the siege to any other guild.

ADM and HGM can ask you to follow specific rules even if they are not specified on this list or other threads around the forums.
It is obviously impossible to know in advance any situation possible, so new rules can be applied when necessary to maintain the game order.
Trying to find loopholes on the rules, trying to interpret or manipulate their meanings to avoid punishments, or constantly fighting Staff against the rules they apply is not allowed.

If you got an infraction or a ban and you think it wasn't fair, or you need to discuss anything about it, contact the ADM or HGM.

Ethernal Last Chaos Staff can edit and change these rules at any time.
Thank you for playing our games and abiding by our rules.

Ethernal Last Chaos Staff