February Update 2019

Official News and Updates for Ethernal Last Chaos.
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February Update 2019

Post by Dragon » Sat Feb 09, 2019 8:33 am

Hey Guys!

Welcome to our February Update.

Today we introduce a few bug fixes/suggestions along side our Valentine's Event.

This patch will be relatively small as we have upcoming content coming like our PVP re-balance and a new dungeon to explore along with some new skills to learn.

New Content:
  • Vanetine's Event has begun! Head around Juno and collect tokens to redeem for prizes. Read More: Here
  • Valentine's Event - The Best Couple has started! This is a discord event, find info: Here
  • New C2 Costumes - White Suits/Black Dresses/Pink Suits & Dresses - Dress to impress this Valentine's day, maybe you can be the best couple!
  • New Cash Item - Platinum Legendary Scroll - Use this item to guarantee 7 sockets!
  • New Cash Item - Armor Master Stone - For a price much lower than the higher tier master stones, you can now get your armor up to +25 for much cheaper!
  • Master Stones +23, +24, +25 have had slight price reductions
  • Platinum Refining Stones now work on gear up to +25
  • Melding Books now work on gear up to +25
  • More - Soon!
Note: We have a few more changes that we will introduce in the next few days, however due to issues with testing, we have decided to delay these fixes until they can be better verified without compromising performance over the weekend.

We hope you enjoy!

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